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Street Food in Gujarat

My morning began with a refreshing shower and a wonderful feast set up by my friends Monali Dalvi Joshi and Jigar Joshi the famous singers. The warmth I received from their family added to the flavours of my lunch that had the very famous household dish of White Kadhi commonly called Gujju Kadhi, vegetable, chapati and the famous Thepla (Gujrati substitute for paratha).

The authentic yet simple food marked a great beginning for my sightseeing adventure and I was all set to feel and live with the savoury flavours of Gujrati Cuisine. The other two things that caught my attention is the Khichu the delicacy made from rice four, green chillies and cumin seeds and salt which is made using pot of simmering water and it is a must try.

The Khaman as everyone know is a chickpea flour cake that is steamed instead of baking and and Khandvi just wonderful. The taste of Gujarati Khaman and Khandvi is just amazing  no competition stand amongst it.

Sitting besides the window of the car I could see the life of people of Vadodara and passing by the busy lanes I enjoyed the beauty that is deep enrooted in the city of Vadodara.

After our visit to sursagar lake , I was amused by the natural serene of the place. The pleasant breeze when passed through my hair swiftly I could almost feel the welcoming gesture of the city of Vadodara that is felt by every tourist there present at the lake.

Further touring the places of the busy city we came at Faculty of Fine Arts and enjoyed there with all the art collections. Feeding my stomach the chatpati Bhelpuri and chaat we moved on further to explore the city. Next in the line came the Sayaji Baug which had a park.

Like usual it had lush greenery and the light golden tint on leaves of tree just increased it’s beauty further but astonishing thing was that park too emerged out as an tourist attraction with zoo, museum, a planetarium which could be viewed by  a toy train and not to forget beautiful fish waters with amazing variety of fishes.

After all this thrill we called it a day and packed my bags for my 2 days of Ahmedabad.

Staying with my  school friend Tripti Patel,  in her kitchen while brewing tea we two had planned the course of our journey from the places we are going to visit and the tasty food that was waiting for both of us.

The list included all the famed places that we have heard of starting right from Khau Gali, Manek Chowk, the snack shop without which our tour and journey could not end because it is that good.

Travelling to our destination of Khau Gali I visualised the glittering streets of Ahmedabad which was elated with the aroma of delicious snacks and filled with warmth of friends and families who came down to these streets to enjoy the smallest happiness of their life.

It is the enchantment of the place that it always manages to allure people and welcome them the enjoy their happy moment and yet carter to the sad moments as well.

We reached the destination and all the charisma and beauty of Khau Gali left me spell bound. To my amusement the stalls seemed to serve a huge variety of delicious, enchanting snacks and the best at Ahmedabad.

Walking through the street I saw few attractions named Kulfi Amritsari, Ashraf with the tag line “King of Kool Kulfi” it ranged from the picks of the dry fruits and ice creams made up of fresh fruits and a whole range of new flavours , and the alluring dhabas and then came Honest that is famous for its Bhaji Pav that was the yummiest I ever had and no to forget the delicious Pulav.

Then for my sweet ending I ended up Shankar Ice Cream corner that had a range of ice cream with their surprising names in their menu and I tried the speciality copa cabana and that taste is beyond the expression of tongue that is why it has emerged as an attraction.

Next stop was the Bombay Gulalwadi at Manek Chowk which is the heaven for unique sandwiches namely the three pineapple sandwiches and Cadbury sandwhiches. God! It was a bomb of flavours and I called it a day because my stomach could not take much now.

My last day gave me surprise as my friend Tripti had planned a lunch  at one of the most famous dine-in Havmor and left me contented with the hospitality and the ambience which was elegant yet amazing. There, among wonderful dishes I had one tasty item called the karari Rumali Roti and it stood to its name Karari. It was dam tasty and karari from my whole experience I could say that.

This time Gujarat gave me a beautiful experience with this Rumali Roti because that type of speciality was beautiful enough that a filled stomach could not resist it. Then I paid a visit to the famous snack shop to look for few fantasies for which Gujarat is famous. The shop titled Sonalben Khakhrawala that itself emotes the long coming legacy of the snack ranges and once I entered the shop I was startled to see that sort of amazing collections. It showcased huge variety of Khakhra’s, pickles and mouthfreshners.

The aachars(pickle) ranged from garlic pickle, dry fruit pickle, mango pickle, aachari mirch ( chilli pickle), lemon pickle and what not and after buying stuff I relished the memories of my stay in Gujarat namely Ahmedabad and Vadodara.

Keeping the wonderful experience close to my heart and all the love that I gathered during my stay filled my mind with wonderful memories and beautiful emotions that are hard to express. With contented heart I bid a goodbye to Vadodara and Ahmedabad and my viewers stay active for my next video and share your love with me in form of comments and likes and please do not forget to share.

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