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My stay at Sonal’s house has come to an end and I admit that the time I have spent in their house has been just wonderful because she is just my type.You know that when you get to meet like minded people, we experience immense pleasure and a joy flow within us.Same has happened with me. They both are just too cute and I did not feel that I was staying out.There pug Olive was awesome like a soft toy walking around in the house and accompanying us in every room we visited.

After meeting all the members and biding them good bye yeah! not forgetting the little pug, we moved on in the car for covering the Gujarati festival of dandiya nights of Navarati.My ride to Vadodara was guided via roads that were filled with the adorning beauty of nature. This made my travel a pleasant time.

Then I meet my friends Monali Dalvi Joshi and Jigar Joshi. Monali offered me coffee and evening snacks that were too yum and had all the flavours of Gujarat.

These two personalities are known for there talent of singing and has emerged out as successful singers.

They two along with Monali’s sister just rock the Dandiya nights with there awesome tunes and rhythm.

I knew this because while travelling to the city before coming to their house I saw the streets and roads were flocked with the banners of these wonderful fellows.

Monali took me to the event and there I was enlightened to the fact that though Ahmedabad people also celebrate this festival but there groupism prevails more whereas in Vadodara the state flooded different cultures celebrate this festival by forming a huge circle thus making space for everyone to join in rather making small groups.

This time I saw the love of people of Vadodara for their festival of stick. In this festival till the nine days of Navarati goes on this gathering also goes on.

People make this gathering precious as they all come in colourful attire and stick to ethnic outfits rather than opting for western.

Music that hails from pure Gujarat i.e. their folklore is played and people which includes from small children to aged fellow dance their heart out.

I too learned few steps like participating and dancing in a group taking swirls while clapping and so on.

People out there helped me and taught me the true essence of this festival.

The gathering was made on a huge scale in the place called  United Way Garba.

This was a big place specially booked for the people. The huge number flocked in took their seats and the event started off.

Then came the dancing moments that were superb. Though I had never played dandiya before but became a participant and learnt it quickly.

There I meet with a lovely couple which had never missed a single night of dandiya nights and they proved that being old does not take away your happiness, your dance.

They have been coming to the gathering every nine nights of Navarati and relished the joy of being in such a wonderful company of people.

They told me that Vadodara is the place of culturally varied people but after listening dandiya nights they all come under one roof to celebrate and share this happiness.

They even said that this dance is also a healthy exercise that one might do in order to stay fit.

After the event at 3 o’clock I was with my friends in their room and we were having gossips.

I asked schedule of Jigar during these 9 days and he told me that these nine days are very auspicious firstly and secondly he told me that these nine days are made special by people as they come up in traditional dresses and bring with them joy of festival.

He told me that no Hindi song is played during this time purely gujju songs are relished and enjoyed.

Monali told that people participate in circles accommodating people rather forms small groups.

With this my dream of capturing the dandiya nights onto my tape became true and I thoroughly enjoyed my Dandiya nights and navrati festival.

I think you might have also enjoyed the festival along with me and hope you like this video and show your love in form of likes and share. Thanks for always keeping me boosted.

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Thank you signing off peppy traveller !!


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