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Haryanvi Dance and Road Trip

My dreams of being part of Haryanvi culture drew me to the Haryana the place of authentic athletes. Haryana has given us many champions those who have made India proud with there constant effort and hardship.

They have not only brought many medals for our state rather had b gathered recognition which was lost somewhere in the time.

This time your peppy traveller has planned to be part of Haryanvi culture by attending the Haryanvi marriage and being the part of all Haryanvi rituals. So, this time be prepared to witness the essence of desi life, be Haryanvi.

My quest drew me from the heart of India, New Delhi to the respective place in Haryana and I opted for the road route as it was the best way that I could be the part of whole Haryana and visualise the Haryanvi culture and observe the changing environment at every step.

Haryana is culmination of brotherhood often termed as “Bhaichara”. The thing that influences me about Haryana is that for people here to be relatives is not necessary to be related by blood rather people bond here by respect and love for each other.

Here they believe in the saying “brother from another mother” than actually just pretending it to be. People stand by shoulder to shoulder on the single call of others and thus this is the true love.

I started my journey from Delhi passed from Bahadurgarh that is the bordering state to Delhi and marks the starting of Haryana. It is visible that being adjacent to Delhi it has been influenced a lot. In the midway of my destination under the scorching sun I made “Gaane a juice “and helped people there and enjoyed that moment.

I believe in the fact that we should try different things in our life and gain experience about them. Believe me try it, you will feel wonderful. Next, we passed from Rohtak which is quite evolved among cities in Haryana and had the view of the city that has emerged out of big malls and then the road that are passing into jungles that gave me sheer down my spine. It is actually kind of spooky a bit.

We even passed from Rohtak toll and gave a toll of 56 bucks to them. Then our further travelling brought us to Hansi which is more into the roots of Haryana and then finally we came close to our destination Telanwali. In our travelling by car we spotted many big Hotels, Restaurants and famous Dhabas. These Dhabas may not appear to you like 5-star hotels but believe me they are the best partner during travelling to have food, tea break or snack break.

Finally, our abode of Telanwali came and we were welcomed by the family members of my friend and bhai. I freshened up and then we took part in the Haryanvi dance and I wore a Haryanvi dress called “Ghargra Choli” and we all danced our heart out. I believe you all must have liked our Vlog so please do not forget to like, share, comment and subscribe.

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