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Nagaland Food

Do you want to see Nagaland? Have you heard about the famous Hornbill Festival that happens every year in Nagaland but never got the chance to attend one. Then join me Peppy Traveller as I take you on a magnificent journey into the heart of Nagaland.

So, I am here at Nagaland enjoying its flourishing nature along with deeply understanding its tradition and tribal communities. As you all know that it is quite famous place but yet has much potential to discover its magnificent potential. So, then house in which I am sitting is of my host and friend and you can see that the way she has adorned the kitchen.

Everything seems to be at right place, like all utensils and clean fireplace. One thing that really liked was the place of cooking which was not yet been furnished with gas stoves but still cook using traditional was on open fire. So, as you can see the pork is kept in the pot that is being cooked for serving to the family members.

I has always fantasized this place as some of my upbringing is influenced by this culture of Naga families moreover this keeps the kitchen spacious and every house in Nagaland or I may say the house of Naga families is incomplete without this open fire.

The other things that you are able to see is the black covered utensil used for special cooking which is way too antique and the above hanging utensils is generally for the purpose of drying meat as you can see its structure.

Next, Nagaland is famous for one of the spiciest chilli called king chilli that just gives you a burning sensation if you touch it, believe me its that kind of spicy. And some general local vegetables are kept like tomatoes and normal chillies.

After this we move out to satisfy our hunger so we all enjoyed the food that was prepared and set up like a buffet was organised and everyone had to put food for themselves so we did same. We had vegetarian dishes as well as non-vegetarian dishes and our partner covered everyone else while they were having their yummy food.

After all this the preparations were made for Dinner in which I saw the special plates of Naga families that was just like a plate situated on top of some standing support. These plates are part of few Naga tribes that maintain the authenticity of Nagaland.

The plate had a special name called “Azuku” made up of wood and traditional Nagaland food is served on these plates. So our traditional food had rice along with pluses onion salad, papad , chicken vegetable and believe me its was yum and all this effort was made by our host and dear friend Chelly and her family.

They all are genuine and good people who treated like I was one of their family member. In my vlogs I have covered everything thing that you would possibly want to know about Nagaland. So what are you waiting for subscribe to the channel to watch all the Latest Videos. Please do not forget to share, comment and like my vlog.

Thank you
Peppy Traveller