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Maha Shivratri in Bangalore

Today I stand on the blessed soil of Bangalore to the part of blessing that shower on people on this auspicious day. The day of Maha Shivratri, being the most pious and benign day in the Hindu Mythology. There are many sayings regarding lord Shiva’s existence as a human form but ever since we come to senses we usually see his idol and his human manifestation in the society.

When people enter the whole new horizon of meditation, he assumes lord Shiva to be the Jiva that is the life sustaining energy in every being. He is present in each living organism and the one who introspects himself and attain true knowledge he escapes from the cycle of birth and death and ultimately resides within lord Shiva.

He is not bound with blood and flesh to have had any human existence rather he is a principle that sustain the vital force and it out of the bounds of the ultimate time.

I am here at a Ved Vignan Mahavidyapeeth or VVM campus (usually referred to as the Art of Living’s international facility in Bangalore, or as the Bangalore Ashram). It is the International Head Quarter of the Art Of Living Foundation (AOL) and has regional centres in more than 150 countries. In Europe, the organization is known as the Association for Inner Growth.

The Foundation was founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and offers a variety of personal-development and trauma-relief programs around the world. Lord Shiva is the part of Trilogy called Tridev that includes Lord Bhrama (the Creator), Lord Vishnu (the Caretaker) and Lord Shiva (the Destroyer). I have never attended such a gathering where these devotes show their devotion by ample ways and being part of their devotion, I feel blessed.

Today I am covering the beautiful serene of the Maha Shivratri night here at AOL headquarters. People have gathered around here and are chanting words called Mantras that are a way of showing their devotion to lord Shiva. This is celebrated in the honour of lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s unification. In India their unified form is considered to be resembling the unification of the mankind with soul of nature. In true sense these are the communication that a person does from his heart to the almighty Shiva in the language generally taken to be Sanskrit or Hindi.

These chanting is done from many hours with utmost faith. Generally, people keep fast on this day which includes avoiding grains and things made out of it. In a sense they say to avoid “aan or anaz” and to have fruits or liquid that is in form of juice or so. By the early morning people come to Shiv temples in huge numbers to do “Jalaa-Abhishek” or “Dugdh-Abhishek” of the Jyotirlinga’s.

All the Jyotirlinga’s around the India are flocked with the huge number of devotees. During this people often offer “Dhatoora”, “Bhaang” and milk to the jyotirlinga’s. Today while attending the event I was enlightened with the Hindu mythology their belief system and their worshiping practices. Everyone has a unique way of expressing their devotion in the way they feel appropriate.

I witnessed all sort of people in the gathering those who express their devotion by the art form of dance or by the “Yagya’s”. This all has made me believe that though India is culturally different but yet our devotion bridges the gap and we all seems to be Indians.

Hindu mythology has never missed to amuse people with its traditions and worshiping practices. When I asked people out there what is their belief I came with multiple answer. Few said that the day when Jiva and Shiva combine to shower enlightenment. Someone else said the day to be one with the almighty by forgetting all deeds (Karma’s) and gaining “Moksh” from the cycle of life.

All the answers were to amazing in their own sense and this is the beauty of Hindu beliefs and traditions. I hope you all must have liked our video and must have gained the vision of how Maha Shivratri is celebrated in Bangalore. Wishing all my viewers happy Maha Shivratri and Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati full fill all your desires and wishes.

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