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Here I am today in Gujarat to be the witness of the sensational Rann Utsav that is famous for its admirable beauty and auspicious gathering of people from around the place and covering people from different parts of India and pertaining to different culture as well. So, today we will go out and see to the decoration of the beautiful stay place famously called the tent city. This is because of the reason that people come here to relax, enjoy and have a gala time and if it is accompanied by high tech gizmos, more often it seems that we waste our time and money in calling that a vacation.

So, organiser out there thought of a more interesting and adventurous thing to do which was to feel the pleasure of staying in tents that merely remains a dream because no one really goes to jungle to have that sort of vacation but here in Rann of Kutch it is brought to life by standing the white tents for visitors to reside in. So, from here the name tent city got famous.

The thing that is more famous there is namely chakda that is a means of public transport over there that takes people from one destination to other. To be more specific it connects the desert villages  of Kutch and Saurashtra with big places so that they can see to there needs and places from where these needs would be full filled. It’s a brilliant and colorful working version of the 700 cc Diesel engine of Royal Enfield Motor Company to be specific bullet bike and that can comfortably carry in excess of 20 people.

 I tell you that this heavy load vehicle is designed like a tri-motorcycle, where it has front driver’s seat that resembles a typical motorcycle with a 2 wheelsand carriage at the back that has leaf spring suspension systems of heavy vehicles to handle the heavy loads on bad terrain.

So, we took a ride on it and viewed the tent city the first attraction that fell in place was the Toran Koteshwar cluster built specially from our Prime Minister. Next, came the playground where my friend Saurabh explained me about the indoor and outdoor events that take place here during this Utsav. He showed a tower named Sky Zilla that had multiple adventurous sports counting on like  pendulum swing and footline tower , climbing wall and sort of adventure that could train you to be tuff but is all paid externally that is it is not included in your package.it also had a court yard where you could play paint ball, how awesome that game is.

Talking next came indoor gaming which included the pool, table tennis, chess and other fun activities. There  outside the indoor court we had a racing track that was built for the racing purpose given the cars they used were controlled by the remotes thus rendering it to be a safe game play. Next, due to our empty stomach we came to the tent hotel and where we had our lunch.

On checking cuisine it came to me that they served the dishes ranged from Matar Panner, Kala Chana,  Bhindi , Aaloo with the side item like papad and salads to relish and freshly cooked tawa chapati. The ambiance of whole place was really beautiful and it was like a beautiful occasion that should never end. Walking by I saw a special counter that was for Jain community because they all prohibit the use of onion and garlic in their food that is why the same items as mentioned earlier were prepared without onion and garlic in it. Then I met a Jain family who were specifically Subraminyam as they told me.

They had there idol along with them because they take them with their family which shows  their love, trust and devotion towards their idol which is the true power of India that is being culturally different but yet joined by souls and beliefs in the true entity. My partner could not shoot me while having food because we both where starving and we started our food right away. Lastly I had sweet Gulab Jamun to quench my craving for sweet and hope that you would have liked the the Rann Utsasv and will plan to attend it.

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