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Sabarmati Ashram

This counts for my second day in Ahmedabad wherein my day begun with the morning near water shore and there was waiting my love, a cute little boy on a bicycle and I managed to get a ride on his bicycle and so little love gave me a ride and I could feel the cool breeze passing through air and giving me a soothing and refreshing feel altogether.

Next my day awaited my visit to the all famous Sabarmati Ashram which is a place that sings out all the hardships that Mahatma Gandhi took in order to gift us free morning under the freedom of sky and blessed us our free wills rather than facing the shackles of slavery. So, Sabarmati Ashram had all the history imbibed within the pictorials, statues and all other facts.

There I met a group of old ladies those were part of Sabarmati ashram and took its care and thus those pretty old ladies accompanied me in my tour of Sabarmati ashram and I could feel their happiness after meeting me and my team which was wonderful to experience. In the Sabarmati Ashram I saw the selfie stands that had our legendary freedom fighters and their beliefs marked on there pictorials.

Then I saw the letter of Rabindra Nath Tagore to Mahatma Gandhi. After all this we moved to see the actual room where Mahatma Gandhi used to stay and we saw the very famous Charkha over there and one lady actually showed us how to work on that machine which was a new experience for us.

Next, we moved out of the Sabarmati Ashram and into the ground and was amazed to see the classroom of students going on in the clear sky which was so inspiring that people are still there those who care for them and come forth to help them out in all domains of life thus imparting skills to survive the cut throat competition of the world.

On my list the next stop was House Of MG, Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad for our lunch. The place had beautiful ambience and superb gourmet. There I opted for south Indian cuisine. Next, after having lunch I and Sonal got home and got prepared for our traditional Garba dance and thanks to Sonal that she made me look way too beautiful then I could have imagined myself.

Guys she is truly amazing and you can follow her on blog . The most awaited thing finally got to us in the end the Garba night that was actually organised by Radio Mirchi and to get into that event is so difficult but our friend and one of the organisers named Ishita helped us out and got us into that heavenly get together. This was so mesmerising experience that I feel shortage of words.

This event that was possible by Radio Mirchi had all the limelight because famous celebrities were going to attend the event which is why I had become more special. Then came the time of Garba when I actually stepped in and was taught the decency of the Garba dance style. It is very unique and beautiful art form where you all just engage yourself in the ocean of happiness that you gain from this artform.

I danced with group of ladies, later was accompanied by small kids and next the cute lovely couple which was amazing to feel be part of. I asked the people present there to give their meaning to Garba in one line and all answer were superb because it was their perspective which in world is the thing that separate the people yet unite them too as for an example the line everybody gave was just different via words but meaning was all that same love, affection and care for community and artwork.

The occasion was embraced by the beautiful attire that everyone had worn, those bright beautiful colours, just amazing. People came out with the expressions as Garba means “Mazani Life” or “time to adorn best clothes”, etc and what not. That is the craze of Garba the nine-day festival of happiness and togetherness. With this I hope you would have also planned your vacations to Ahmedabad just to be with the amazing views of the place and be the part of Garba nights and nine-day festival of Navarti. If you liked the video please like it, share and comment on it.

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