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Street Shopping for Navratri

My dreams brought me right down to the streets to Gujarat where I could relish my dream of being part of the nine-day festival of Navarati. My Aeroplane landed on the runway of Sardar Vallabhbhai International Airport and I kept my foot on the soulful sands of Gujarat.

To help and guide me through this festival of happiness my friend Sonal Chaudhary and her Daughter came to pick me up from the Airport. Introducing to her I would like to tell you that she is the finest Makeup and styling artist.

You know when you opt for a passion you really like then passion of yours never lets you down. So is the case with her as she is a dedicated and hardworking personality and her work speaks for it.

We went from the busy lanes to the beautiful markets flooded with the charm and enthusiasm of this nine-day festival. The gala occasion has filled the heart of every shopkeeper with extra dose of power that these people have made the markets a thrilling adventure for the general public, you know all the competition that goes on.

My journey of buying clothes and accessories for the auspicious event of Navarati brought me and my friend to the lanes of Law Garden Night Market, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. To my surprise that people with walking freely and happily till late night in this market as said earlier this festival energies everyone.

So, I went to shops to buy the main attraction during this festival the famous traditional dress called Chandya- Choli which is basically a dress that resembles Lhenga Choli but to a fact that this traditional dress of Chandya Choli is filled with thread and mirror work. The beauty of the dress speaks for itself.

The shopkeeper tried to gather a huge 3500 bucks from me but thanks to Sonal that she told me about the bargaining that this market is famous for. Then I tried my skills and bought the complete dress for an amount of 1500 bucks. I was happy for my bargaining skills because they usually come handy.

Just joking, my tour taught me some bargaining as well. Next, we moved to buy pair of footwear because people generally wear complete traditional attire right starting from the footwear until accessories. So, we searched for my footwear that could make me the modern Cinderella ha ha.

I found one with a shopkeeper and using my newly learned bargaining skills bought the one for 100 bucks. Next on the check list was the accessories that had to be bought and we went to different shops in the search for my accessories and we bought it.

Next, I met to an uncle who gave me his turban yeah right, the Gujarati turban which is very famous and is assumed to be symbolising the self esteem and self confidence in Gujarati culture carried by man in the society. After this heavy workout of ladies yeah you heard right workout as it was very much tiring, we were hungry and my friend Sonal took me too the best restaurant for the treat. It was named as Gordhan Thaal, Bodakdev and it stood my expectation.

The Gujarati thalli for which it has gained acclamation was way to yummy it had many items whose name I still can’t remember as for I know few like in sweet, we had Shreekand. Sonal also told me that the day we dined in there they had the special south and Gujarati Thalli combo and we had that.

It contained dosa , puri’s , chapati, paneer sabji , moong sabji, chicholi that is stuffed with aalo and is just like a small  Gujarati version of samosa and sweet curry and dal and more to dig in. That treat was way too awesome though I like spicy food but that thalli was really good and a must try item.

With this my day ended with both my hands carrying the load of shopping habit and we enjoyed a lot. I really liked the company of Sonal and her cute little daughter.

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