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Wow!  Finally, I am here at Nasik to be part of the amazing and rocking Sula Fest 2017. This is the fest for which the young lads of our nations wait as it serves for them. It renders them their everlasting experience, the wine tasting experience. Sula id one of the best wine makers and they have wine yards here that adds on to the beauty of this magnificent gathering. This place serves as the one stop destination to relish their holidays and to experience the most amazing, tasty and old aged wines.

I have always heard of this fest and the crowd here is awesome. Now, since I was there, I could feel the enthusiasm in the environment, music flowing in the nature and jolly vibes among the lads, aged people those who never miss a chance to live their life to fullest. I travelled all the way down to Nasik and my initial travelling was so amazing as I could not help to dream about Sula Fest.

This time it is happening in 3 stages that means 3 days. As a surprise the event handler has arranged 120 performances. Oh! My God I can’t believe that just imagine it will be wonderful. It is not just a place to booze with wine but provides us with the experience of shopping, best of the music and sizzling food. Just the thing that one needs in his vacation.

This is the place that generally attracts the people all around India as well as outsiders that gives them an opportunity to meet the Indian culture with gorgeous ambience and taste few of the best wine India produces. I went to the bar and it was just lovely and gorgeous that any one who sees it will surely fall for it. The thing that stole my heart away was the creative bottles of Sula wine that had designer labels and wrapper.

The bar attender there taught us few things that a person who first ever tastes wine must know about. Let, me share few with you all. The wine tasting is an art which involves three steps. The first one being that we must smell the wine. Our nose just enhances the flavour of the wine and I don’t know the science behind it. It just works wonder, keep it in mind before tasting wine.

Second steps involve swirling it just to raise the beauty and elegance of it before consuming. Third step is to enjoy the taste sip by sip. There I met the group of girls prevailing from Mumbai who had come to enjoy their first world class experience about wine. They told me the fun they had in Sula Fest.

Next, I had an interaction with another group of people from where one lady Mamta came all the way from US and Akshay all the way from Dubai and other girls from Mumbai. They all shared their experience with me and for them this was a chance to meet with friends and enjoy that time in partying environment along with them.

We all hailed for Sula Fest 2017 and Peppy Traveller. Then we all headed for the performances at the stage and then we all were enchanted there to see the mesmerizing performances. They we had amazing music from all genres including rock, folk, blues, electronic and reggae music.

I had a wonderful time over there and just enjoyed all the activities and had best experience of wine tasting. So, I peppy traveller covered amazing Sula Fest 2017 for you all and believe you all might have enjoyed it and will be surely part of it. Please do not forget to share, comment and like my Vlog.

Thank you

Signing Off ! Peppy Traveller, Bye.


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