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As planned my last day of Ahmedabad visit covered the Uttarayan festival. The festival that marks the start of summer by the ending of winter. Usually referred as “Makar Sankranti “in northern India. The festival of kites where every teen, grown up relishes and enjoys his childhood days by flying kites high in the sky. The public of Ahmedabad is crazy for this festival and wait on haunches for this day of happiness to come.

As the people around told you that the festival brings such a energy with itself that it is hard for people to sleep a night before the actual day. The enthusiast wakes up early morning before 7:00 am or so and freshen up themselves. After having done their daily morning routine they climb up on their rooftops to indulge in the war of kites and return home by wining many kites in return which you have cut down in battle. The famous “Patang Bazi” is the part and parcel of every person that just makes their hearts go zooom.

Every heart is ready to be nostalgic about there gone days of childhood and often remembers their sweet memories of kite flying. The children are so eagerly waiting that they just start their preparation lot before. This includes buying dozens of kite and its thread commonly called “Maanza” and the roll onto which the thread is wounded called “ Uchka or Uchkan”.

These two sweet small friends were trying their level best to explain and emote their feelings on the occasion of Uttarayan. Still their faces oozed out the happiness that they could feel by being the part of this festival. All the streets were void and empty and the house top were flocking with guest and friends. All the strategies and groups are made and then the battle begins.

The battle of sky, “Patang Bazi” wherein one loses his kite and other steals it to keep it as a reward of his success. The winner is the one who cuts down many kites and looses were less to others. He is proclaimed by all means as the hero of sky.

Though the tasking of flying quite simple but I may tell you that things are difficult than they seem. Flying a kite is a tough job and not every one excels it but the one who does is appreciated for his excellence. This task includes technicalities that are the kite needs to be examined properly before buying and the thread usually is the main focus better the quality of thread lower is the risk of kite getting cut.

I was part of this Uttarayan festival where first time I learned a bit about flying kites. I saw how the first basic step is done that is tying knot called “Kanni “onto the kite which is responsible for the height the kite will attain as it is the balancing point of kite from where it is connected to the thread extension and the roll of thread. Though I could not master it but no regrets I tried my level best for it.

Then I saw next step that is to check the wind flow direction to facilitate the flight of kite by all means. My friend RJ Harshil showed me the way I could fly a kite and believe me I could really fly one and to my surprise I managed to win a reward of one kite of opponent for myself as my trophy. All other present on the roof top were like professionals who somehow managed to know each and every detail of flying a kite.

My friend told me that this festival is very important for him because it firstly takes us back in our childhood days of being free and enjoying every moment of life to fullest. It reminds us how important is to live our life happily. Secondly, this a chance for all friends and relatives to get together and enjoy. As in this busy world meeting dear ones has become a difficult task but the events like this never fails us and manages to somehow bring us together.

This event of Uttarayan is the bridge of affection and trust that binds the culturally and religiously diverse India all together to maintain the peace, harmony and most importantly the love. I witnessed this which is truly an honour in its kind. So, I think you all enjoyed this vlog, and please let me know in the comment section below, that which is the most fascinating thing you liked about Uttarayan and what are your plans for the next year?  

Thank you

Peppy Traveller