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Haryana Swag

My experience of Haryana has shown me the true sense and the art of living by doing hardwork and while returning home having that satisfaction in the heart. In today’s society and growing technical lifestyle has lost the charm of living by nature and residing by it even in the absence of all luxuries. My journey to explore Haryana began with an invitation of a marriage with its venue in Haryana and then my ever-lingering dream of visiting Haryana came to life. My entry in the village of Haryana was amazing as all of the locality came by to greet me and hug me with all their affection. The herd of flocking children running around me gave me the immense pleasure that we all have enjoyed during our childhood. The life in true sense dwell beneath the ceilings of houses present in Haryana without the feel of any modern influence.

In the busy schedule of all marriage rituals I got time to full fill and relish my long dream of wandering on kaccha roads of Haryana and enjoying the beautiful dusk light from barren land that is turned into playground for children in evening. Though the vegetation of Haryana is less as it is an arid region yet to enhance that drawback there are the beautiful sights of ladies sitting in front of their houses and having their unisons of folklore. I guess my mention of the scene must have elated your hearts with the description itself. This is the magic of haryanvi air. My adventure begun in the playground of children that had the courtyard for the matches and practice of the game of volleyball and God was lucky enough to bestow me with ongoing match.  The children out there taught me few moves and taught me how to play and added to my knowledge of volleyball. You know that the real spirit of playing games emerges when the game is played free from intentions of winning or losing. With emotion of unity the children play together and find the happiness in their deeds. Next to add on to my adventure there came the art of climbing trees and enjoying and chilling out there, higher you go the bossier feel you get.

Next came down the thing for which Haryana is acclaimed that means their love for dairy animals. This is true in every respect because firstly the Hindu worships specifically cow as mother and treat her with utmost respect and secondly these animals are sources of revenue in many houses, if not atleast they full fill the needs of households. The practice of maintaining two to three cattle namely buffalo or cow is considered as a trade mark of wealth and is usually serving the purpose of the household only. More buffalos and cow sum up to a commercial practice where the owner starts selling the milk and its product commercially to fetch money. The task of maintaining these milch animals is quite difficult as I have seen myself. This time I tried to milk a buffalo and realised the hard task was not my cup of tea. Bhabi as people usually call out with respect to the wife of their brother taught me how to make upplas or cow dung cakes with hands. This seems a tuff task and believe me it is, but when you start caring for those animals that task seems nothing. The smell was the difficult thing I had to bare while making the dung cake. The process is quite simple as the dung is to be mixed properly, huge portion is to be taken and roll out into a rough sphere and put to a wall or to a dry muddy structure and left to dry over.

The houses have open fire cooking where places are made called chulaas for the cooking purpose using few bricks and lots of mud. I tell you if you ever get a chance to feel the taste of that food please do not miss it. The food contains the aroma of mud and earthen pots and taste like heaven. The big glass of lasi or populary know as seet is served. It is flavoured buttermilk and tastes yum. Then my bhai showed me the instrument that is used to cut the grass for feeding to buffalos or cows. The hara chara is created using this machine and he told me that earlier it was used via bare hands and one has to be precautious enough to save his arms. The things have changed and the influence of modern world have affected that darati  as it has become automated now by belt and gear system.

Next thing that I enjoyed was trying hukka. We all are familiar with this and all the flavours that are stacked in the market but  real hukka was something else only. I feel shortage of words to express it. Sitting in circle sharing our thoughts and opinion and chance by chance having sips of hukka all had its importance and feel. Hukka though is harmful for health as it is carcinogenic and in no case I am promoting it but this whole thing has become part and parcel of people out there and I am happy to see people quitting it after gaining knowledge of its harmful effects.

My adieu was bid in a very wonderful way that made me to have slight tears in my eyes. All the ladies of the house came out on the door and sang their farewell songs that is their folklore to wish good luck to the going entity and wish for his/her well being as well. It was such a beautiful moment that I captured in a picture. One of the old lady danced her heart out and I was spell bound with all the love and warmth of the people. Finally, I had to come back as the marriage ended peacefully and beautifully with all memories of Haryana brewing in my mind and heart.

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