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White desert festival – Rann Utsav

Hello everyone I welcome you all and the kutch city of Bhuj welcomes us back with its Rann Utsav. Yes, you heard right, our journey to explore the famous Rann Utsav is on the track and I want you to fasten your seatbelts for this amazing thriller. This place is around 85 kilometres from Bhuj and is famously called the Tent city in Dhordo. To admit that it truly stands by its name. You just cannot miss being at  Rann of Kutch. It is majestic and makes you feel totally mesmerized. The place sparks and shines like silver.No one could think of resisting its temptation and the allure of white desert. The white desert festival has many things to offer to its tourist. People often neglect that kind of amusement which is offered by Rann Utsav. Believe me my mates this feels amazing to be part of one of its kind festival which is just magnifique.

The  main attraction is the tent residence and the whole place around it. It is like living in the laps of nature under the roof of open sky in tents made of cloth rather than cement. So, my tour begun by visiting the places nearby present inside the tent city itself. Imagine how big it could be to accommodate all that stuff. It is sheer magic woven into the from of beautiful city that incorporates the clusters for staying and the market around for taking back along with you the famous articles of this white desert festival. The attraction involves the beautiful authentic art pieces which are  still flourishing in that part of India and believe me that these are so amazing that I think should have taken all of these. There are huge Puppet for displaying the tradition of the place because puppet shows have been the attraction for so long and yet they continue to allure and mesmerize the hearts of tourists.

Then comes in the row, the shops displaying handmade items with awesome paintings and designs. The shops ranged with all items ranging from cloth, mud utensils, handcrafted footwear and authentic jewellery. The very famous thing is called “Bandhani” which is made by locals by using die and die and those beautiful neck piece stole my heart because at time simple and sweet works than the shining metal worn daily. They usually come in different pieces like the one for worn on the belly then comes the one worn on neck and one on forehead and the beautiful hanging earing.

The market place did cater to our needs and craving for pizza’s as they have dominos that makes fresh pizza on front of your eyes and this tempts us even more. Next, we the management did not loose any chance or scope for betterment as they have taken care of our athletics and sports need as we have playgrounds offering us different ranges of sports both indoor and outdoor. Next, there was a concert for us organised by the management and Mooralala rocked the stage with his voice and band, awesome experience it was. Next, we had a talk with organiser of the event Kapil Verma who gave us insight to the overall Tent city. He told us that there are more than 350 tents for accommodating tourists and the Tent city is assumed to be distributed in 1 lakh square km. Tent city is surrounded by the market place which sell handicraft goods. They are flooded with rogan art, patch work on clothes and artisan with their hardwork in term of their goods.

The tents are ranging from premium and Delux A/C and it is in the form of 13 clusters and the limelight is stolen by the way they are arranged. It is arranged like a neck piece and the light is just amazing rendering amazing effect all together. There is a dining hall where you get amazing and delicious food. Next, came in the line the premium tents that were just amazing. It had television and Air conditioner, dressing mirror, well furnished bed with cozy lighting and furniture all things were amazing and worth living. These all setting and the white desert festival is a must try place.

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